ZORE X Smart Gun Lock

Posted: July 14, 2016
$95 - $169
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A couple years ago we saw Armatix's attempt to smarten up gun safety with a system that pairs your firearm with a digital watch, allowing the former to shoot only when it is within range of the latter. ZORE has a different, and perhaps (though that remains to be seen) more practical and reliable approach to securing your preferred choice of home security.

The ZORE X is a caliber-specific cartridge that connects to your gun to provide "the fastest way to go from a locked firearm to disengaging and chambering a round and firing it." Paired with the ZORE Bridge accessory, the system will also send you an alert if anyone who is not you tries to touch or tamper with your gun.

ZORE X's locking unit fits into your gun's chamber--the caliber of ZORE X you purchase will fit almost any gun of that same caliber--and locks in place with the push of a button. If anyone tries to charge the gun in this state, the locking mechanism will expand to prevent the load. When the ZORE X is unlocked, charging your gun ejects the device immediately.

So the lock. An electro mechanical dial ZORE calls "revolutionary" in its ability to block unauthorized use with certainty, yet grant owner access with quickness and ease. The dial's PIN consists of a series of user-set clicks along its notches. To unlock, click the dial along the notches according to your code (it might be easier to watch the second video in the above gallery to get the gist of this.) Unlike standard dial locks, you don't have to turn your ZORE X dial to a starting point before entering the code, and you don't have to make the first turn in a specific direction. The idea is to be able to unlock your firearm in seconds, in the dark, and without looking at it.

To help you practice, the ZORE App has a training program you can set to "surprise" you with an incident. The app will send an emergency alert, and then time how fast you can reach your gun and unlock it.

Read more about the ZORE X and its Bridge Communicator, and pledge for your own on IndieGoGo through August 2016.

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