ZDay Blades & Bludgeons

Posted: November 20, 2012
ZDay Blades & Bludgeons
$75 - $945
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In the words of the great Missy Elliott's lyrical masterpiece "Ching-A-Ling", "This is serious maaannnn!" Etsy vendor ZDay Survivor's extensive collection of hand-chiseled, zombie-eradicating blades and bludgeons don't just hold front row seats in the coliseum of aesthetic sickness, they are also fully functional in their noble pursuits to hack up zombies or, you know, unruly weeds in the backyard.

Swords and knives stem from varying grades of high carbon steel, with kydex sheaths typically available for inclusion upon request. ZDay Survivor applies patinas and antiquing processes to much of his work to add a heightened level of visually pleasing distress and hardness of the core. One of the most impressive--and expensive at $945--is the Comminus, a full-size, two-handed gladius sword of high carbon 5160 spring steel that measures 25-1/4" long overall (handle is 9-1/4" long). More compact blades include the 5 to 5 ($185), 8" in overall length and made from 3/16" thick 1084 high carbon steel in black, grey, and white mixed micarta scales. Midsize slice-and-dicers are highlighted by the Pale Rider ($595), 14" in overall length and made from 5/16" thick 1075 high carbon steel. Its clay slip, heat-treated blade maintains razor sharpness on all exposed sides for quick 1-2 decapitations, and ensuing carotid artery impalements.

The handcrafted Gear Head cudgel ($95) packs 24-1/4" and 8 pounds of zombie obliteration. Cinder blocks, windows, and grubby hands trying to sneak a piece of pecan pie before Thanksgiving dinner should feel at the mercy of its virtually indestructible design and Blood Splatter Black coloration as well.

ZDay Survivor has 20+ years of experience heating, bending, and molding steel into phantasmagorical blades and bludgeons.

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