Wasp Gas Injection Knife

Posted: February 01, 2015

And a watermelon takes it in the gut again. Like so many other weapons demos we've seen around here (Gotcha Cap, Throwing Card Knives), the effects of the Wasp air injection knife have been exacted upon a watermelon. Check out the video to see GY6vids test out the diving/hunting/tactical implement by first stabbing the unluckiest fruit on earth, and then unleashing the Wasp's freezing cold, basketball-sized wad of compressed gas into it. At 800 psi. Instantly.

Wasp creators warn that they have not designed this last-ditch knife as an EDC item or tool to F around with. Do you know what the effects of compressed gas are 80 feet underwater? Imagine holding your breath and shooting to the surface. Your lungs would over-inflate and burst. When a SCUBA diver releases the Wasp Injection System into a predator in pursuit, its 24g ball of cold air will be enough of a jolt not only to stop just about any one of them mid-stroke, but also to shoot them to the surface before blood is released into the water so other predators aren't drawn towards the diver.

In addition, both underwater and on land the Wasp will freeze all tissues and organs surrounding the injection site, debilitating the shark/bear/warthog on the receiving end.

Wasp knifes operate silently and are intended to be easy to use and reload. They are recommended for Special Ops troops, downed pilots stranded in open water or remote forests, military survival kits, and SWAT and Special Police units.

Muchas danke to Mathias B. for the Dude Product Tip.

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