TOPS M4X Punisher Knife

Posted: October 23, 2016
Check It Out

I recommend watching the above video in its entirety. Not only because M4X Punisher demo damsel Kaila* is adorable, but also because she becomes even more adorable after she completes her successful attack on that coconut (spoiler, sorry) with TOPS' wicked multi-use knife.

The M4X Punisher serves as a combination knife, saw, crowbar, and hatchet. That means it can break doors, fell trees, hammer pegs, crack bones, quarter the meat, and then cut you a nice slice of apple pie to celebrate your conquests. TOPS says you might see the M4X's black Micarta handle in the grip of individual US Army Rangers, police, and search & rescue teams, along with consumers who are avid outdoorsmen and coconut crackers.

Overall M4X Punisher length is 13-1/2". The knife blade is made of 1095 high carbon alloy, and measures 8-1/2". A nylon sheath is included with purchase.

Muchas danke to Bryan B. for identifying Kaila (not Hailey) Cumings in the demo video. He also says she's a knifemaker. Hopefully one of the few out there who's OK with being called "adorable."

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