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Posted: February 13, 2013
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Peacemaker sounds noble. Civil. The Ned Stark approach. Which also connotes decapitation of he who bears the peace. When we're discussing a nightstick charged with 6,000,000 volts of blood-buzzing electricity, Peaceforcer sounds much better.

The 14-1/2" stun baton also includes an LED flashlight and snap, crackle, pop sound effects the manufacturer notes may in and of themselves be enough to dissuade an attacker. I would have to agree, as the moment I heard the Peacemaker's test shock in the video, I jumped and maybe choked on some of my own spit. But no one warned me. You have been warned.

Once the Peacemaker's safety switch is released, it is jolt-ready at the push of a button, and 3- to 5-second hold of its end against the target's body. I like the ribs because the skin tends to be thinner there, and I also like that spot at the base of the neck right where the trap inserts that my brother always used to dig his finger into because if pressing it with your thumb can make a person crumble, imagine what injecting it with 6,000,000 volts of electricity will accomplish.

Nightsticks are powered by rechargeable batteries and ship with a charging cord for standard wall outlet rejuicing. Black rubberized armor coating protects the unit and lends to a firmer grip, which I guess precludes at least one of about 347 mishaps that could occur during the stun baton carrying and application processes. Though the unit's safety switch prevents accidental discharge, an included belt loop holster ensures that if something goes awry with this feature, your nuts will be the first to know.

Here's some fun physiological information about how the Peacemaker Nightstick debilitates recipients of its voltage. When the charged end of the stick makes bodily contact, it disrupts the messages the brain sends to the voluntary muscles. Like the ones that give us control over them. After a few seconds of electricity absorption, the person on the unfortunate end of the baton loses balance, general wherewithal, and self-applied muscle movement. In the best case scenarios, this last bit means they piss their pants. Once disoriented and dropped to their knees, the deliverer of the peace has 5 to 10 minutes to vamanos before the recipient recovers fully (sustaining no permanent harm).

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