Shinbudo Bokken - Japanese Training Tools

Posted: October 10, 2014
Shinbudo Bokken - Japanese Training Tools
$250 - $350
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Now these are kind of cool. They're bokken, traditional, usually katana-shaped training tools used in Japanese martial arts. Dennis King of Shinbudo Weapons makes all of them himself, by hand is his Corvallis shop. Corvallis is in Oregon, the capitol of recycling and being nice to people and trees, so King also carves his bokken out of post-consumer wood products that emulate the qualities of exotic woods, but don't carry their environment-damning price tag.

What I mostly like about the Shinbudo Bokkens though is that they're long and curvy like a sword, but have blunt edges that will further reduce the chances my weak ass friend Cornelius who never puts his legs into his strikes will hurt me during our Friday Night Random Asian Weapon Fights.

King currently crafts 5 different styles of bokken, including Chi Bokken, Fu Bokken, Ku Bokken, Sui Bokken, and Ka Bokken. Differences are largely in blade and point shapes. Each bokken measures approximately 39" long, but is available in 3 different thicknesses to accommodate varying hand sizes. King guarantees the balance, weight, feel, and overall quality of every weapon that leaves his shop.

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