Pointie Tactical Marker

Posted: February 19, 2015
Pointie Tactical Marker
$20 - $25
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The Pointie. A "tactical marker" in name, but we both know what that's a euphemism for: stabbing things. Like glass during rescues. Warthogs during attacks. And whiteboards. Insolent, misbehavin' whiteboards.

We've seen alcohol concealed in sunscreen tubes and escape tools concealed in watch bands, so why not a hardened stainless steel spike concealed in a Sharpie tube? Creator Justin Martin says he designed the Pointie as a low-profile EDC item useful as a glass breaker, hiking/hunting tool, hole punch, engraving tool, pepper spray or knife substitute, anything...legal...you'd need a super sharp instrument of impalement for. The only thing the Pointie cannot do is write.

At its heart and jabbing soul, the Pointie is a solid length of 17-4, corrosion-resistant stainless steel rod, professionally CNC machined and hardened to condition H900. The tactical marker comes in 2 head styles, a Signature Pointie design, available just polished or in Cerakote Black, and the Concealed Pointie design (identical to a real permanent marker, but not a marker), available in Cerakote Black.

Pointies run as an IndidGoGo crowdfunding project through March 4, 2015. They are up for grabs by the 1s, 2s, or Pointie dozens to anyone 18 years and older.

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