Femme Fatale Ring Gun

Posted: December 21, 2014
Femme Fatale Ring Gun

Ladies with a vendetta, or a penchant for jewelry that also serves as a weapon, I'm afraid you can't buy the Femme Fatale Ring Gun. (Unless the person who paid $11,350 for it at auction would be willing to sell it to you for $11,351.) But I thought this fully functional revolver for the finger was still worth featuring just for its novelty, fine craftsmanship, and James Bond badassness.

Crafted in Germany from a ring of silver and the vengeance of a scorned woman, the Femme Fatale has its name engraved with herringbone borders around the band. On top lies a girl's second best friend: a 7-shot, brown-finished cylinder with fold-down trigger and outer spring band. The revolvring also has a set of 7 cartridges and a mini screwdriver accompanying it. I hope whomever now owns it is taking full advantage of her ability to give deserving parties a new kind of finger.

Everyone else: if you've really, really got to have an itty bitty gun, here you go. The Berloque Pistol is not only for sale, but available for far less than the Femme Fatale's $11 grand price tag.

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