Falcon Slingbows

Posted: January 30, 2014
$135 - $300.95
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Rattlin' Randy Riffenburgh owns the dual titles of Falcon Slingbow Creator and Falcon Slingbow Sniper. He developed the patent-pending, arrow-shooting slingshot for hunting, fishing, and target shooting. And he reigns supreme in his successful use of it to haul home everything from deer to rays to what appears to be some sort of croco-fish hybrid. Looks like he surprised even himself taking down that boar.

Before all else, Rattlin' Randy reminds the young and the stupid among us that no matter how many hours we could fill trying to shoot the trees across the street from our bedroom windows, Falcon Slingbows are not toys. They require protective eyewear, frequent surveys of powerband condition, and adult supervision when used by children under 18. Provided all of that is understood, those who want to spear them some dinner can use one of the following Falcon Slingbows to do it:

The Original Falcon Slingbow, Bare. Shoots a full length arrow from its steel frame, and includes a 40lb powerband and hand-braided arm support. Fits the young, the old, the weak, the strong, even the left-handed (by request). A sight bracket is also included, but the sight and rest themselves are not.

The Original Falcon Slingbow, 60lb. Same as above, but with a 60lb powerband that makes this version better suited for game hunting (if legal in your state) than bowfishing.

The Original Falcon Slingbow, Out-of-Box Ready. Same as above, no assembly required. Includes the 40lb powerband.

The Falcon Bowfishing Slingbow, Out-of-Box Ready. The Original with an AMS Retriever Pro fitted with a 200lb line and an AMS tidal wave rest.

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