Carbon Fiber Daggers

Posted: February 04, 2013
Carbon Fiber Daggers
$78 - $99
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The Escort series of carbon fiber daggers is not meant for cutting. It's meant for stabbing. That statement did not even stem from my powers of deduction, but directly from the manufacturer's literature. Aerospace grade woven and uni-directional pre-preg specially designed for stabbing and self-defense. Oh, or for display as "art". I like how they throw that in as a weak appeal to pacifistic potential buyers. As if I'm gonna spend $225 not to use a jet black triple play of vicious wonderment. If I wanted to drop a wad of Georgey W.'s on a carbon fiber showpiece, I'd get the bathtub.

Dagger blade outer surfaces use a 3k 2x2 twill weave fabric, while the inner surfaces are made up of 12 layers of uni-directional fiber. Handles have a total of 36 layers of carbon fiber. All fibers and weaves and voluminous Beyonce hairdos are made in the USA. Because of the blades' intended use, they do not sharpen significantly or hold an edge. Maximal whittling, however, is achieved with simple sandpaper strokes or a sharpening stone. The Escort knife series, sold as individual daggers or as a set, includes:

  • Escort the original, weighing in at 31.2 grams, or just over 1 ounce. Blade design features a slot. Length is 7 3/8" and width 1".
  • The Escort II. Weight is 24.5 grams, or just under 1 ounce, with a honeycomb design. The knife is 8" long and 1" wide.
  • The Escort III. The lightest of the set, weighing 20.67 grams, and measuring 9" long x 1-1/4" wide.
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