The Thinking Egg Mindfulness Tool

Posted: August 29, 2019
The Thinking Egg Mindfulness Tool
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You want how much for an egg? It's not even full-size, and won't make a single Benedict. It can't double as a personal pleasure device either. And despite being called The Thinking Egg, this oblong palm buddy can't think one damn thought!

It can, however and supposedly, encourage you to think a lot of them. The calm, meditative, mindful kinds of thoughts you need when life gets stressful, or things such as rush hour traffic at 2 p.m., or the discovery that your favorite taco truck moved five f'ing blocks away, make you very angry.

The Thinking Egg is an ergonomically-designed mindfulness tool that steps in when your ergonomic meditation seat - and your Tenga Easy Beat Egg - aren't accessible / appropriate for the current environment. Slip a Thinking Egg in your pocket or bag and have an instant calm-down cohort at your disposal anywhere you go.

Thinking Eggs come in 4 thought-provoking materials: Brass; Howlite Stone; Lava Stone; and Pine Wood.

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