Tekto F3 Charlie Flipper Knife

Posted: June 26, 2023
Tekto F3 Charlie Flipper Knife
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Tekto's F3 Charlie must be a lady knife. With its voluptuous 3.8" Titanium-Coated D2 Steel blade, curvy G10 handle - outfitted in black, gray, green, or damascus - and exposed recessed liners for enhanced grip, all I can think is this is one thicc flipper.

Lady or not, the F3 Charlie was made for "high-stakes tactical operations." For you, that might include military drills, EMS activities, or spending a week camping off-grid. For me, it boils down to one thing: peeling and slicing a mango. Without, according to my wife, "mooshing it into limp pulp no one wants to eat." Here's hoping the F3 Charlie's smooth button lock mechanism for quick blade deployment and robust, yet precise, cutting capabilities can provide me some tactical assistance with that.

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