Tablet Chest Harness

Posted: February 09, 2023
Tablet Chest Harness
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I'm pretty sure READYACTION's Tablet Chest Harness is intended for people who do a lot of work standing and moving about. Contractors and real estate agents, utility and warehouse workers, event organizers, coaches, all the on-the-go on the job types. But when I look at the Tablet Chest Harness, I see someone else. I see Dad.

Dad waiting for his bus, his Uber, his flight to board. Dad "watching" the kids' soccer game while the real soccer game's on. Dad stirring constantly for 8 minutes like the recipe says. Dad sitting comfortably on the couch, but needing the pointer fingers on both hands free to type out his email.

And honestly, while I'm not Dad, I could use a Tablet Chest Harness in similar situations myself. Holding things in a static position using nothing but your own body strength sucks.

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