Reusable Men's Travel Urinal

Posted: June 04, 2018
Reusable Men's Travel Urinal
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This men's travel urinal isn't just a reusable pee reservoir, it's an expandable / collapsible one. So it's easier to carry in your bag or glove box. And also so it can make you feel bad about your manhood if you only need to expand it a notch or two to have plenty of room inside for both your penis and the 40-ounce Big Gulp piss you're about to take.

The accordioning elephant trunk of a urinal expands from 2.76" to about 7" long, and has a 750mL max liquid capacity. I'm unable to find specs on the urinal's diameter, my girthy friends.

Travel urinals are reusable again and again (after washing, yeah?) They're made of polypropylene, which the manufacturer lists as "PP," which is hilarious.

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