UV Toaster Smartphone Sanitizer Concept

Posted: May 29, 2020
UV Toaster Smartphone Sanitizer Concept

Phone germs, you're toast! ... Uh, just as soon as I check the responses to my latest Reddit post. And like my wife's latest Instagram photo. Oh, and text back my mama. But after that, Dude Jr., it's right into the UV smartphone toaster for you!

UV smartphone sanitizers have been around for at least 8 years now - the first one I saw was in 2012, the PhoneSoap combo sanitizing case and charger - almost as long as the knowledge that smartphones are a cesspool of germs whose germiness knows no equivalent. (2018 even brought us the UVee adult toy cleaner!) UV light's ability to pulverize microbes has also been proven for some time. Both are experiencing a surge of popularity in 2020 as we battle COVID-19, so I'm seeing a lot more pouches and cases promising to kill dead the bacteria and viruses that have leached onto all of your most-touched possessions.

This UV toaster is no different in function, it just looks a lot more cute 'n' clever. Though just a concept, I don't see any reason why designer Lee Sungwook couldn't bring this idea to UV light. It should have at least one more slot, though, and maybe a family version with 4. Just like no one ever wants just one piece of toast every 2 to 4 minutes, no one wants to disinfect just one piece of technology in that time either.

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