Trigger iPhone Case

Posted: March 25, 2013
Trigger iPhone Case

This Trigger iPhone 5 case looks heavy. Like I'll either develop a disproportionately muscular right arm from lifting and holding it to my ear, or I'll finally succumb to one of those GD earpieces I hate so much* because I'm too weak and lazy to lift and hold it to my ear. But I guess since the Trigger is machined from titanium, it doesn't really weigh that much. Let's see...weight is...44 grams. In terms Americans understand: 1-1/2 ounces. Not too bad. That's, like, the same as a shot, right?

I'm kidding, Mom. I know fluid ounces are different than dry ounces. Sort of.

Ten separate metal parts comprise 4thdesign's latest bumper case, which delivers supreme iPhone protection, a fetching military design, and full functionality with its integrated push buttons and hinge release for easy phone removal. A loop hole primed for Survival Grenade attachment caps the look. Triggers cost almost as much as iPhones--well, presuming you're someone who got an iPhone as part of a trade-up through your service provider, not someone who paid full price for it because he isn't very sure footed and fell off of a boat into the Gulf of Mexico while fishing, even though he wasn't even trying to reel in a fish at the time--which is sort of a problem, but my dad always says that if a problem can be solved with money it's not a real problem.

Trigger iPhone cases come in Metallic Silver and Titanium Gray.

*I can't be the lone ranger who always responds to girls who are clearly talking in my direction, only to have them hands-free-headset me before rolling their eyes and storming off with their little dog.

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