ORII Voice-Powered Bone Conduction Smartphone Ring

Posted: July 19, 2017
$99 - $129
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The ORII Smartphone Ring combines the best of voice activation, bone conduction, James Bond, and pretending your hand is a telephone like you did as a kid. Except there's no pretending with this Kickstarter project from Origami Labs. The ORII is an actual voice-powered ring that uses bone conduction to turn your body into a smartphone.

Presuming it works, wearers will be able to make or take calls just by touching their ORII finger to their ear. The ring's bone conduction technology will send sound along the first appendage into the deep caverns of the second - just like it does in bone conduction headphones.

Paired with Bluetooth, ORII responds to voice commands for calling, sending messages, setting reminders, and interacting with smartphone assistants in the same way. If you want to talk to Siri or OK Google, use the ORII CapSense button to wake them up, assume the secret hand signal, and tell the voice assistant what you want.

With dual noise-cancelling microphones, ORII conversations and commands remain private, and block out background noise. And since bone conduction sends sound directly into your inner ear, you should be able to hear through the ring/your finger even in loud places.

The ORII Ring seeks crowdfunding through August 17, 2017, with first shipments anticipated to go out in February 2018.

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