MobiLimb - Robotic Limb for Phones & Tablets

Posted: October 07, 2018

Marc Teyssier's MobiLimb project considers the idea that phone-fingering has been a one-sided experience for too long. It's time to give your phone a digit, a robotic limb to augment its capabilities, and give it a chance to do some fingering of its own.

The MobiLimb is an attachable 5 DoF serial robotic manipulator for mobile devices, intended to help overcome some of their static, passive, and motionless limitations. Some examples of what you could do with a MobiLimb include:

  • Contort it into a phone or tablet stand.
  • Integrate it into apps and games, creating a physical extension of the digital world and AR-type experience.
  • Activate it as a 6th finger that secures your phone to your hand while talking and texting.
  • Connect various covers and tool modules to turn your device into, say, a kitteh with a wagging tail, or a flashlight.
  • Re-enact a famous scene from ET. Obviously.

The MobiLimb has a series of 5 revolute joints and 4 main system components: the actuators; the sensors; the embedded electronics; and the controller. Check out the video to see the MobiLimb in action.

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