Juice Booster Phone-to-Phone Charger

Posted: October 13, 2015
Juice Booster Phone-to-Phone Charger
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Remember how your mama always taught you to share your toys and give to those less fortunate than you were? Remember how much it sucked? Your bratty cousin Georgie getting to play with all your best GI Joes, and your mama finally buying the Sam's Club-sized box of Hostess Cupcakes, only to drop it off in the Thanksgiving food donation box on the way out of the store! Well, I hope the harsh lessons of childhood have stuck with you, and become more palatable as you've matured, because Juice Booster is here to ask you to make the biggest self-sacrifice for another person of all: they want you to share your phone's charge.

The Juice Booster is a Micro USB conduit that transfers battery power from a healthy phone to one that's dead or dying. It can also transfer power from a phone to other types of OTG devices. In other words, Juice Booster swoops in to save the day during catastrophic situations, when all other hope is lost. Like a superhero. Or a State Farm agent pretending to be a superhero on TV.

And why the h-e-double-battery-bars would you want to give someone else your power instead of just letting them use your phone (or suck it up and deal with their dead battery like a man because life isn't fair)? Maybe your nice. Orrrr maybe you don't have service so you kinda need their phone to work too. Maybe they need a number from their contacts that will also benefit you. Maybe she's hot and this good deed will score you some major good points.

The Juice Booster is intended for short-term use, to bring a dead battery back to life long enough to get an Uber home, make a call, or access crucial information. Obviously, it will drain the battery of the supply phone as it transfers juice to the dead one, so linked devices shouldn't be left unattended or connected for long periods of time.

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