iPhone 4 Marshall Amp Case

Posted: June 06, 2012
iPhone 4 Marshall Amp Case

My musical talent lies somewhere between Nickelback and a foam packing peanut, but I didn't get this Marshall Amp iPhone Case for self-expression. I got it because when I pick up the phone and hear my mom's normal speaking voice searing into my ear at 100 decibels, I now find holding the receiver a safe distance from my head at least as comical as it is irritating. And her 8-minute voicemail solos? At this point I can get almost halfway through before hitting 7 on the keypad. A sweet reincarnation of an iconic guitar companion, the featured Marshall Amp is a hard iPhone case fitted for models 4 and 4s. However, designer Case Garage will custom make cases--Marshall Amp or otherwise--for any model of phone.

If rocking out to phone calls isn't your thing, check out the JuiceTank, an iPhone case with retractable prongs for easy recharging without a power cord.

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