iChargerlock - Apple iPhone Charger & Cord Lock

Posted: September 22, 2018
iChargerlock - Apple iPhone Charger & Cord Lock
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Let's be clear: when iChargerlock talks about iPhone charger and cord theft like it's an epidemic running rampant through society, they mostly mean the society that exists inside your house. Your kids snatching the charger you always leave in your bedroom. Then your spouse borrowing the charger from your office because the kids snatched the one from your bedroom.

With the iChargerlock, you're able to secure a charger to an outlet, and then if you want, a USB cord to the charging block, so no grubby household hands can remove or tamper with your efforts to fill your battery.

The iChargerlock is essentially a case that slides over your Apple iPhone wall charging block. You then secure it to your electrical outlet with a screw. A locking tab on the case provides further security for your USB cord. (Note: An iPhone charger and cord are not included with the iChargerlock purchase.)

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