DRAS Foldable Smartphone Concept

Posted: November 08, 2015
DRAS Foldable Smartphone Concept

You can't buy a DRAS foldable smartphone yet, but the flexible touchscreen technology it uses is at least a little more than just a pipe dream. DRAS stands for Digital Resistive Area Sensing, and it's a real system in development by tech startup R&D CORE to 1) reduce the amount of space phones and tablets consume without reducing their size while in use; 2) provide built-in screen protection from scratches and cracking; 3) enable use while wearing gloves (no special finger pads needed); and 4) prevent butt dials.

R&D Core also says its DRAS system sensors have no size limits; they can even build into XL TVs and wall-size displays to make flexible or folding big screens without performance or quality reduction.

Additional DRAS sensor features:

  • Installs behind the flexible display so it won't impact optical performance.
  • Not affected by humidity or temperature swings.
  • Senses finger force.
  • No calibration required.
  • Extremely thin.
  • Low power consumption.
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