TagVault Pet - Waterproof AirTag Dog Collar Mount

Posted: April 27, 2023
TagVault Pet - Waterproof AirTag Dog Collar Mount
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Ain't no one stealing your dog with the TagVault Pet, a waterproof AirTag mount, attached to his collar. The two tag team - if you will - so that while the AirTag is doing its GPS tracking thing, Elevation Lab's TagVault Pet secures it tight via self-piercing screws and a ballistic Nylon6 baseplate, plus protects the Apple locator from any water elements, including full submergence in a lake or pool.

I mean, sure, a dirty dog thief could just remove your dog's collar and toss it somewhere, but they may not even figure out that the TagVault Pet is an AirTag collar mount until you're well on your way to catching their canine-snatching ass.

Plus, it's probably more likely that pet owners wanting to use a TagVault Pet have dogs or cats that tend to wander off. Or tear off. Or perform David-Blaine-like escapes. And despite their skills in eluding you, they won't be able to elude their TagVault Pet-housed AirTag, and you'll always have peace of mind that you and your iPhone will be able to find them again.

I mean, unless they slip their collar....

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