Slice of Bread Cat Cone

Posted: August 03, 2022
Slice of Bread Cat Cone
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And they say this Slice of Bread Cat Cone is kinder to the cat's neck, body, and activities too! That's in addition to being kinder to the cat owner's eyes, obviously. The squishy not-cone is an adorable wearable sleeping pillow for kitty plop-downs anywhere, that also happens to prevent him from licking his tail scab or castrated testicles. That it gives you the opportunity to enjoy many chuckles, take countless photos, and probably record a well-viewed TikTok video or two is just the peanut butter and jelly on top.

Sharing in the Slice of Bread Cat Cone listing are an Avocado and Donut Cat Cone, but their imagery doesn't speak to me as much as the thought of my cat Zanzibar's head poking through the center of a piece of Wonder Bread. I suppose the preventative collar would also work for certain small breeds of dogs, but my sense is that they'd chew right through it and pull out all the stuffing, just like they do with their regular stuffed toys, and your expensive pillows.

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