Pet Power Poo(ch) Vacuum

Posted: December 13, 2016

The Pooch Power Shovel--essentially a rechargeable dog shit vacuum--may not collect the crap straight from the chute like the Piqapoo, but it still significantly reduces your proximity to and interaction with your buddy's bowel movements. A 30,000RPM motor drives the cordless, handheld shovel's suction through grass, concrete, and snow, drawing deposits into plastic bags that wrap around the vacuum's intake, and prevent poo from touching any part of it. And you.

The Power Shovel recharges via an included AC adapter. A 12-hour charge should make it hungry enough to suck up 50 piles of poo. The vacuum's disposable, degradable bags are also ready for multiple incomings; they each hold about a week's worth of poo. To get rid of a full one, you will need to flip open the Power Shovel, bend over, and maybe touch the squish from the outside to remove the bag.

Poo(ch) Power Shovels come with 10 starter bags, with refills obviously available for separate purchase. And before you ask, the answer is yes indeed! The Pooch Power Shovel can also pick up dog diarrhea!

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