Moody Pet Fling-Ama-String

Posted: January 02, 2017
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Nothing beats a hearty laugh had at a cat's expense. Aw, come on. Unlike a cucumber, Moody Pet's Fling-Ama-String is great fun for the kitties too. The battery-operated toy looks a little like a strongman game, but instead of testing feline strength it challenges feline reflexes when it shoots a rainbow string out the bottom of its long channel and then sucks it back up if Tiger isn't fast enough to latch onto it.

The Fling-Ama-String cord is sewn onto an elastic conveyor belt-type mechanism that rotates constantly when turned on, at your choice of 2 speeds. When your cat does catch the string the rotation stops until he lets it go.

Fling-Ama-String setup requires no assembly and little effort. Moody Pet compares it to a personal trainer for your cat. Which my girlfriend's fat ass cat Zanzibar definitely needs after all the cookies and carrot cakes and cheese dips and ham and cheesy potato casserole and stout and scotch he shoveled in his pie hole over the holidays.

Oh wait. That was me.

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