KiTiDOT Red Dot Laser Pointer Cat Collar

Posted: July 26, 2022
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There are fun cat toys. There are frustrating cat toys. There are evil cat toys. And then there's the KiTiDOT red dot laser pointer cat collar. A collar with a built-in projector of a perpetually un-pounceable red dot that the victim himself must bear and beam to his own torment! It even has 3 different lighting modes!

KiTiDOT seems to acknowledge the horror it has created, referring to their red dot cat collar as "wicked." But they are clearly still trying to sell you one for your cat, also harping on how they use only "cat friendly materials," and touting the collar as a purveyor of safer play, since there is no external unit for your kitty to knock over, and with the laser around her neck, she won't inadvertently look straight into its beam.

Additional KiTiDOT Collar features include a 45-degree adjustable projector to control how far away the red light hits the surface in front of your cat, and an auto-off feature that activates after 30 minutes so Boots doesn't run himself ragged.

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