Clawgs - Dog Shoes That Allow Dogs to Use Their Claws

Posted: August 17, 2020
Clawgs - Paw-Wear That Allows Dogs to Use Their Claws
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Clawgs, dog shoes - or rather dog sandals - don't surprise me in the least. For years now dog owners have thrived on making their pets look ridiculous under the guise of comfort and protection. Who remembers the Shed Defender dog onesie? How about Walkee Paws dog leggings? And now we have Clawgs, "paw-wear" that keeps dogs' claws exposed so they can continue using them even while strapped into their humiliating canine Tevas.

I'd call them Clawgs: Dad Shoes for Dogs.

According to Clawgs creator, Dog Sap, even though dogs' paws are more resilient to terrains and surfaces than people's feet, they aren't indestructible. Trotting on the likes of hot asphalt, sharp ice, salted areas, rocky trails, and the slick floors in your home can be uncomfortable, even painful, for them. Especially when they tear to the front door to bark at the mailman and slide the last 3 feet on the hardwood, bashing their nose into the mail slot.

In addition to providing paw protection and traction, Clawgs are designed to maintain dogs' access to their claws, and their claws' contact with the ground, for grip and comfort. Made of soft rubber and elastic fabric, they fit snug to the paw so your pooch can walk naturally, rather than acclimating to the loose "clown shoe" style of basic dog boots.

Clawgs seek crowdfunding on Kickstarter through August 21, 2020. Click here to get your paws on a pair for your dog.

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