Bottle Opener Dog Tags

Posted: October 19, 2021
Bottle Opener Dog Tags

If your dog gets lost wearing a bottle opener dog tag, maybe it's the dog tag's fault. Ol' Gonzo just went out lookin' for a beer and ended up, as my favorite of Firefly Lane Stamping's bottle opener dog tags says, lost as fuck.

Bottle opener dog tags are all made of heavy duty stainless steel, and come with your pup's name hand-stamped on the top. Firefly Lane Stamping also has room for your phone number(s) and clever comments on many of their tags. If you're not into the F-word, maybe you'd prefer the "Got lost looking for bitches" tag. Or the even tamer "Free beer upon return."

Bottle openers themselves are also available in center- and side-cutout styles across the various dog tag options.

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