Beetl Robotic Poop-Scooper

Posted: October 24, 2019

Beetlpoop, Beetlpoop, Beetlpoop!* When you say the words to the Beetl Robotic Poop-Scooper though, it doesn't make an insolent and conniving dead guy appear, it makes the turds your (perhaps insolent and conniving) dog deposited in your yard disappear.

According to Beetl Robotics, "Nobody likes picking up poop." And while that's technically a subjective statement, and used here to help promote their Poop-Scooper, I doubt anyone would disagree. Except maybe dogs themselves, some of whom seem to like picking up poop with their mouths, and swallowing it. Anyway, armed with the idea that humans don't enjoy going on dog shit search & capture missions in their backyard, Beetl built "a computer vision-enabled robot to address the needs of dog owners everywhere."

Check out the videos above to see the Robotic Poop-Scooper, and the vicious jaws of its belly, in action

*I know I just used a Beetlejuice pun in the Beetle Playing a Banjo Taxidermy post, but it works so well with the Beetl Robotic Poop-Scooper too! More importantly, one can never make too many reverential references to the greatest Tim Burton movie of all time.

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