AutoDogMug - Portable, Leak-Free Dog Water Bowl

Posted: January 14, 2023
AutoDogMug - Portable, Leak-Free Dog Water Bowl
$17.95 - $22
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Of all the portable pup water bowls I've seen, the AutoDogMug might be the most user-friendly for both dog and owner. Highwave's leak-free hound hydration system is essentially a squeeze bottle with a small bowl on top instead of a nozzle or spout. When you squeeze, water rises through a specially designed valve to fill the bowl; when you release, it flows back into the bottle.

So, yeah, you do have to hold the AutoDogMug in a squeezed position while your dog drinks, but that seems like a small price to pay for fresh, on-demand water that's gotta be better than what Ralphie would drink from bacteria-laden community bowls at the dog park, or from random pools of parasitic water on a hike.

The AutoDogMug holds up to 20 ounces of water, and fits inside a standard car cup holder for further convenience. Highwave calls it "virtually" leak-free.

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