Wipebook - Whiteboard Notebook

Posted: December 07, 2013
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Wipebook poses the question, "You know how creative people use whiteboards to generate cool amazing ideas?" And I ask the question, "You know how creative people with cool amazing ideas who can't draw, or even really form legible letters of the English alphabet for Shasta Cola, need to erase things and start over a million times?" Both of us follow up with an enunciated dream of how miraculous it would be if there were a less cumbersome, more portable version of a whiteboard for these types of people to use in recording their greatness--and deleting their scrawled grade K piles of drivel--quickly and from anywhere they go.

But unlike me, Wipebook put the spoken dream to paper, and took the paper idea to the assembly line. Wipebook is an erasable whiteboard both condensed and expanded into lined and unlined notebook form. Condensed in the sense that it is now a more manageable 8-1/2" x 11" in size, expanded in the sense that each Wipebook contains 25 pages, or 50 separate sides to fill with Archimedes- and Da Vinci-style creations.

Whitebook uses dry erase markers that leave behind no ghosting effects. Pages are covered in a UV gloss solution for smoothness, long reusability, and easy erasure.

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