Wampa Desk Chair

Posted: November 01, 2020
Wampa Office Chair
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Boy does this Wampa Desk Chair look soft 'n' cuddly 'n' cozy. Like it will give you a big ol' hug every time you take a seat.

Or eat you.

Indeed you'll enjoy an eternal game of sit-down Russian Roulette with the Wampa Desk Chair.

And, no, the Wampa Desk Chair is not an official piece of Star Wars merchandise - though it should be given the upcoming holiday gifting season and our current widespread WFH culture. It's not even a Wampa Desk Chair in name - I changed it to that from the way less interesting "Linon Cora Faux Flokati Armless Office Chair." I also added "might eat you when you sit" to its functionality. Again, more interesting than the standard 360-degree swivel and adjustable seat height with gas lift mechanism features.

The Cora Faux Flokati Chair is made of wood covered in faux fur upholstery; it sits on a chrome base with castors. If you want a real, authorized Wampa Chair, you'll have to settle for a bean bag.

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