TiBolt Solid Titanium Bolt Action Pen

Posted: June 24, 2013
TiBolt Solid Titanium Bolt Action Pen
$115 - $125
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The only not titanium components in Brian Fellhoelter's TiBolt bolt action pen are the ink cartridge, spring, O-ring, and stylus nib. It's kind of like how the only not titanium components in my rock hard body are my blood, my hair, and my full, ruby red, soft-as-rose-petals lips. Ladies. Having already achieved highly successful campaign funding on another site, as well as earned kudos as Best Non Knife Accessory at the 2012 Usual Suspect Network's Gathering, Fellhoelter has returned with an improved TiBolt to brand new social crowdfunding community, Jump Start City.

By, "It's all titanium, yo," Fellhoelter means the TiBolt's body, tip, bolt, ball and shaft, and custom torx screws, cap, and pocket clip. The result is a light but strong writing implement with a nifty bolt action mechanism that should be particularly beloved by overzealous pen clickers with ADD, OCD, or 144 ounces of coffee zipping through their veins.

TiBolt body titanium is Grade 9, 3AL-2.5V, while the rest of its parts use Grade 5, 6AL-4V. The pen measures 7/16" in diameter an 5-15/32" long. It weighs 1-1/2 ounces.

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