Ring Pen - Ergonomic Ball Point Pen

Posted: May 11, 2018
Ring Pen - Ergonomic Ball Point Pen
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The Ring Pen is set to launch a writing-by-hand comeback tour! According to its makers, "This is a unique ergonomic design to make writing task fun again." Maybe with a Ring Pen slipped over their pointer fingers, kids will start passing notes with prom invites and Yes/No check boxes again in school instead of texting each other. And drawing ugly cartoons of their teachers getting sat on by dinosaurs and eating 1,000 pancakes instead of taking unflattering photos and posting them to Instagram. Like I did. In the good ol' days.

OK, the Ring Pen is not going to be the source of a cursive writing resurgence in contemporary society. But for those who do still have occasion to use a pen, for any reason or length of time, this one can help relax your hand and reduce fatigue during the process. The oval-cutout design enables hands to remain loose during use - no firm grip required - so seniors or others with weak or shaky hands can still control it. The Ring Pen also eases the pain of writing for people with arthritis or carpal tunnel syndrome.

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