Posted: May 09, 2021

The good news is the plans to build a Re-SOHKO TRANSFORM BOX are free to download from SOHKO Open Design. The bad news is the tools and materials you'll need to build a Re-SOHKO TRANSFORM BOX are all contained inside the Re-SOHKO TRANSFORM BOX. Ah, the Catch-22s of life strike again.

Just kidding. Gather up your DIYin' gear, and pop a squat in the garage or backyard to create your own version of designer NOSIGNER's portable manufacturing offices. The modular desk and workshop caters specifically to makers, fabricators, and tinkerers, but even if you're a tech dude or an accountant or even a teacher doing the WFH thing, the TRANSFORM BOX is a pretty swell workstation creation.

With airline food cart levels of efficiency and organization NOSIGNER has packed a bevy of work surfaces and storage cubbies and slots into a folding box on wheels that closes into a structure the same size as a standard distribution pallet. It gives workers the flexibility to accommodate varying floor space requirements, as well as move their office to more pleasant work areas - say next to a window or outside - during the day, and then lock it up and store it safely at night.

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