National Park Wood Clipboards

Posted: June 01, 2021
National Park Wood Clipboards
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Well, yeah, these National Park Wood Clipboards from Lemonee on the Hills are most excellent to look at. Cool ideas, beautiful landscapes, fine craftswomanship (Lemonee is aka Melanie). But from scenes from Yosemite and Big Sur, to the Tetons and Glacier, the National Park Wood Clipboards are so excellent to look at, you're never going to want to cover them up, and use them as actual clipboards! What a conundrum!

Lemonee on the Hills hand-cuts and finishes natural white oak veneer to form the bases of her clipboards, and uses a printer to add the national park images to their bottom halves. Clipboard clips are made of nickel, 4-3/4" long. Clipboard dimensions are 9" x 11-7/8" x 3/16". If you still need a Fathers' Day gift for Dad, or a little something for any nature lover, check out the National Park Wood Clipboards, as well as the rest of Melanie's outdoor prints and designs in her Lemonee on the Hills Etsy shop.

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