Lamp+ Interactive Content Projection Lamp

Posted: May 01, 2022
Lamp+ Interactive Content Projection Lamp
$7,950 - $8,150
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The Lamp+ from Swiss tech firm is an office gadget that projects content from its overhead pendant light onto the desk, conference table, or other work surface below. Projected content is controlled by ABUSIZZ Haptic Touch Technology, meaning it is touch-interactive to everyone. Use your fingers as a mouse to control the images, slides, and data feeding into the Lamp+.

ABUSIZZ says their Lamp+ projects fullHD content at 1400 ANSI lumens, and that the light you'll be staring at is "pleasant...with optimal brightness," and infinitely dimmable. The lamp also outputs 360-degree audio, using its wood body to better conduct the sound.

The Lamp+ has a 27.6" x 15.4" projection area, and can screen share via Airplay, Chromecast, or Miracast. It comes with ABUSIZZ's own MonteRosaOS. Available Lamp+ material combinations are oak + natural aluminum, black oak + aluminum black, and walnut + aluminum bronze.

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