Hamster Wheel Standing Desk

Posted: September 18, 2014
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Get in your wheels and start churning out the fiscal year-end spreadsheets, hamsters! And when you're done don't forget to thank me for the bulged disks and sciatica I'm preventing by allowing you to stand up and walk at your desks!

Ergonomic desks, stand-up desks, even treadmill desks we've seen before. But this. This collaboration between RobbGodshaw and wrdwise earns a double blue ribbon amongst the office furniture designed not to torture and destroy your body while you're at work. That said, the Hamster Wheel Standing Desk isn't just for guarding against the hazards of sitting for too long. Its deliberate omission of brakes forces constant user movement when the wheel is in use. So even if you're not intellectually productive and get nothing physically...virtually...uploaded to the Cloud some days at work, you'll at least have gotten the blood flowing and maybe burned off half a Dunkin' Donut.

The Hamster Wheel Standing Desk, available as a set of DIY instructions for free from Instructables, measures 80" in diameter and sits on a 24" wide base. Inside the base are 4 skateboard wheels propelling the larger cylinder's movement. RobbGodshaw and wrdwise developed the contraption's schematics in Autodesk Inventor so they could easily alter its diameter, width, and number of slats as needed. A human model from GrabCad verified clearances. They completed the entire project in 24 hours. It appears they also fell down a lot.

Hamster Wheel Standing Desk material requirements: 4 x sheets of �" plywood; 4 x skate wheels; 2 x pipes; 240 x wood screws; and a pint of glue.

Muchas danke to Laughing Squid.

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