Fellowes Elea Suspended Desk Chair

Posted: October 05, 2020
Fellowes Elea Suspended Office Chair
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Fellowes' new Elea suspended desk chair aims to get your workday in full swing - natural, supported, ergonomic swing - whether you're at the office or scooted up to the dining table in your makeshift WFH setup.

Like the STOIC Active Standing Mat, the Elea Chair goes for the design hat trick of physiological benefit, aesthetic interest, and fun & funky to use. The Elea uses Fellowes' patent-pending Omni-Kinetic Suspension Technology in a free-rocking seat that adapts to and follows along with your body's natural movements. This, according to Fellowes, both makes the chair more comfortable to sit in, and allows you to have a more active workday, even while in the butt-to-seat position.

You can learn more about the Elea from the Fellowes website. At printing the suspended desk chairs were available for purchase from Corner Nook.

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