Fallen AT-AT Tape Dispenser

Posted: November 03, 2018
Fallen AT-AT Tape Dispenser
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Want to stick it to the Empire? Take down their AT-ATs with this secret weapon: a roll of tape. As my mama always told me when she was patching my coats and jeans and open wounds, never underestimate the power of a good adhesive.

The AT-AT tape dispenser comes to us from Hallmark, a company whose continued existence never ceases to amaze me. They're kind of an Amazon 1.0, for women who like to cry at least once a week. Started out with greeting cards, expanded to Christmas tree ornaments and holiday decor, wrapping paper and flowers, and then capped off their empire with TV movies so cheesy you can hardly believe they exist in real life. And I didn't know this until I just read it on Wikipedia, but Hallmark has also owned Crayola since 1987.

Anyway, the AT-AT tape dispenser is also a Hallmark issue, a resin-cast snapshot of an Imperial walker taken down by the Rebels' snowspeeders and tow cables in the Battle of Hoth. It also comes with the pictured roll of tape, capping off the purchase as well worth it, especially for those seeking gifts for geeks.

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