Desk Chair Wrap

Posted: September 08, 2022
Desk Chair Wrap
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It's getting to be that time of year. When the weather turns and desk chairs start getting cold. Perpetually. With ice blocks for hands and feet, no matter how high they insist you jack up the thermostat. No matter how many cups of hot peppermint tea they drink all day. No matter how many pairs of Puffy Coat Slippers you buy them, and no matter if you blow hot breath inside to warm them up before placing them on their feet like Prince Charming, or an award-winning Nordstrom shoe department salesman. None of it matters. In the Fall, in the Winter, in spaces with the AC set below 77 degrees, desk chairs are always cold.

And by desk chairs, I mean ladies. Specifically my wife, She-Ra: Princess of Power.

And now that she's pretty settled in to the WFH thing, I think I'll add this Desk Chair Wrap - which is made to warm and cozy up the She-Ras and other people sitting in the desk chair, not the desk chair itself - to the list of "No Matters."

More than simply a tacky blanket or throw draped over your desk chair, the Desk Chair Wrap is a blazer-blanket hybrid designed for both aesthetic and functional warmth. When worn, the wrap has the structure of blazer, with front lapels and arm gaps that give you full use of your limbs while wearing it, so you can continue to work normally, and will look like you're dressed in a smart jacket, rather than the quilt your mama made for you, on video conferences.

The Desk Chair Wrap is also sewn with a stretchy panel that slides over the backrest and secures with buttons, so it won't get caught in the wheels of your office chair. The open front of the blazer-blanket enables additional free movement - standing and sitting back down without having to gather up or drag an awkward wrap with you.

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