Social Distancing Zapper

Posted: November 12, 2020
Social Distancing Zapper
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What's the buzz? Yer keister, mister, when I Social Distancing Zapper ya for encroaching into my 6 feet of personal space!

For a short while in 2019, Firebox tested out releasing weekly prank products to have some fun with their customers (and have some fun themselves) but the whole April Fool's Day every Friday thing didn't last for long. After leaving us with parodies such as the Aladdin's Lamp E-Cigarette and Valyrian Steel Razors, they must have either gotten too many complaints about the products' fake and unbuyable nature, or just run out of the ideas and energy they needed to keep the project up.

Until now, is what I thought when I saw the Social Distancing Zapper. The COVID-19 global pandemic raises the ruse again!

But no. The human cattle prod is real. Real and ready to Bzzzt! anyone who gets within 2' of its telescoping handle with a 4.5-volt shock. As the kids - and perhaps the Dirty Santa gifts this year - say, WCGW?

Muchas danke to Gizmodo.

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