Road Rage Restrictor

Posted: November 08, 2019
Road Rage Restrictor

What?! Road Rage Restrictor? Middle finger on lockdown? Well, more like Pointer, Ring Finger, and Pinky on lockup. But, but, why? One of the only redeeming qualities of driving today is being able to flip off other drivers, who will invariably do something ignorant and/or commit a great offensive against me pretty much every time I set out on the road.

And it's not just for me that I need my middle finger free and at the ready. I am more than happy to supply the bird on behalf of the driver when I'm a passenger in a friend's car. Or an Uber. Or the bus. That's not road rage. It's just good lookin' out. A gesture, let's say, of goodwill towards those not currently driving like assholes.

And here we have a Road Rage Restrictor, a cruel and twisted take on handcuffs...meet knuckle dusters...that would strip me of this pleasure and service by limiting middle finger movement while driving. Not cool.

And also, thankfully, not real. The Road Race Restrictor is one of Matt Benedetto's Unnecessary Inventions. Benedetto is a Vermont-based designer who creates prototypes for "products that solve problems that don't really exist." Problems that don't really exist. Such as the need to stop people from giving the finger while driving.

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