Prank Magnetic Bumper Stickers

Posted: July 07, 2013
Prank Magnetic Bumper Stickers
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My friend Cornelius put one of these prank bumper stickers on my car the other day, and even though I realized it was magnetic and therefore easily removed shortly after retracing my drive to the soft-serve ice cream shop and stopping to inform all pedestrians and bicycle riders and cars that looked like I may have passed them on my way there that I do not in fact heart Cleveland Steamers, Cornelius is still sprouting dandelions from his rectum 'cause HIS ASS WAS GRASS!

A grand practical joke for people with a tinge of mean in their spirits, these magnetic bumper stickers broadcast to the world any of the following 411 about the drivers whose cars they decorate:

  • I Love Midget Porn.
  • I Have Crabs.
  • I Have Herpes.
  • I Love Barnyard Animals.
  • I Love Cross Dressing.
  • I Love Crack Whores.
  • I Love Gay Porn.
  • I Love Tranny Porn.
  • I Love Granny Porn.
  • I Love Blumpkins.

One point of note regarding the magnetic bumper stickers is that if their targets do not have a decent sense of humor, are easily offended, take themselves too seriously, or are indignant and self-righteous--basically 95% of the population--they are going to have a big fat fit when they discover the addition to their vehicle, and deliver to the instigator a long and colorful lecture about maturity, respect, and going too far. Which is going to make the prank even more gut-busting and well worth the relatively small expense and effort required to carry it out.

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