Penis Light Switch Cover

Posted: February 03, 2021
Penis Light Switch Cover
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Tee-hee-hee! Or should I say, Pee-hee-hee! Here are some penis light switch covers for all the lovers and lovers-less out there who just want a romantic night with some of that D. This penis is down for some lights-off action, but also flicks right up if you want to get dirty with the lights on.

Made by The Penis Shop (who else?) the Hung Like a Light Switch with Balls covers are perfect for a V-day prank...or just about any other day prank...on your significant other, roommates, co-workers, kids...well, probably not your kids, but heck, I don't know what your family dynamic is, so maybe a little anatomically correct plastic wiener on the light switch gag fits right in.

Penis switch caps come in all the colors of the rainbow. I mean, not literally, but wouldn't that be a good penis prank for The Penis Shop to dick around with next?

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