McKnuckleDuster - McDonald's Arches Knuckle Duster

Posted: April 07, 2023
McKnuckleDuster - McDonald's Arches Knuckle Duster
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Brass knuckles, make way for gold...en arches knuckles. The McKnuckleDuster from R&B Creations is a 3D print of the iconic McDonald's arches doing their parabola thing over a set of knucks. And I'm McLovin' it. Are you McLovin' it? McLovin has gotta be McLovin' it.

Rather than a "knuckle duster," R&B Creations calls the McKnuckleDuster a "paperweight," and I'm not sure if that's because he's selling them through his Etsy shop and knuckle dusters violate the company's seller policies, or because the McKnuckleDuster is actually suitable for use as a paperweight. I'm kinda hoping it's the latter, because mine would get way more airtime if I could bring it to hold down napkins, bags, and containers when I'm eating takeout and food truck delicacies outside this summer.

I'll be all, Fly around and find out, disposables!

The original McKnuckleDuster design comes from Hex3D, and R&B Creations does the plastic print work in over a dozen different colors. Though why you'd choose anything but gold or yellow is McBeyond me.

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