Kinetic Sand

Posted: August 28, 2013
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It's 2.2 pounds--or what the rest of the world calls 1 kilogram--of tactile stimulation and scientific wonderment. While all sand can technically enjoy kinetic activities, Kinetic Sand claims the additional bragging rights of: having achieved proper noun status; and being a 3-dimensional building toy that holds shape just as easily as it tumbles titillatingly through the sculptor's fingers.

Not surprisingly, though actually kind of surprisingly given what it does, real sand comprises 98% of Kinetic Sand's makeup. It achieves its slo-mo blob/double-jointed-dancer movement capabilities from a "patented technology hidden within the binder." In other words, the makers of the Swedish export regret to inform us that they will give no indication of how we can make this bomb-ass compound at home.

Kinetic Sand brings beach fun indoors to kiddies' playrooms, plus makes for a stress-alleviating office cube installation, without the mess and discomfort real sand granules create when they escape their confines and infiltrate all corners of habitable spaces and butt cracks.

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