Funny Car & Truck Unused Buttons Stickers

Posted: September 12, 2023
Funny Car & Truck Unused Buttons Stickers
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Whenever another driver commits an egregious act on the road that almost kills me, or just really pisses me off, I always envision having a button on my car that shoots darts out from the undercarriage. Darts, of course, that will embed themselves in the offending driver's tires, possibly popping them, but at the very least creating leaks and resultant flats down the road, at which point me, my Mazda3, my dart firing system, and any chance of getting caught will be long gone.

And these stickers for the unused buttons on my console are going to bring me one step closer to having such a system. Now, instead of just imagining executing the "Fire darts!" command, I can actually reach out and push a button labeled, "Fire darts!" as I yell, "Fire darts!" ... And then resume acting out the rest of it in my head.

I know, dudes. There's only one problem. While this particular set of Funny Car & Truck Unused Buttons Stickers is indeed hilarious, it doesn't include a "Darts" decal in the 15-piece set. It does, however, include stickers for "Tacks" and "Sawblades," both of which could accomplish my tire deflation goal. Perhaps even better than darts if used in tandem!

Other choice members of the Funny Car & Truck Unused Buttons Stickers collection include: "Oil Slick," "Shields," "Ludicrous Speed," and "Invisibility." There is also an "Eject" decal, but if you want an Eject Button Sticker, I'd spring for this one instead.

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