Flying Pig with Flapping Wings

Posted: July 23, 2018

This is not a real flying pig. But enough things are happening these days that my grandma said would happen when pigs fly that I gotta figure there's a litter of piglets with wings out there somewhere now. And until I read about them on Reddit, I think I'll hang one of these Flying Pigs with Flapping Wings in my office as a reminder of the wild, wacky, exciting, terrifying world we're living in today.

Though not powered by biology (yet) this little piggy goes flap, flap, flap in a perfect circular path when mounted from the ceiling with included hardware and a clear wire. Around and around over a 4' - 5' circumference for as long as its 2 x AA batteries hold out.

Buyers report using the Flying Pig as everything from a novelty gift to kids' bedroom decor to a rotational motion teaching tool in physics class.

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